CatMasters Classic on Tawakoni 2022




1.  To qualify for the CatMasters Classic on Tawakoni, the captain must have fished one other CatMasters event fo the 2021-2022 season


2.  There will be a 125 boat cap.


3.  Thursday and Friday will consist of 5 fish limit of which only 2 over 30" allowed each day.


4.  The top 20 teams from the accumulated weight on Thursday and Friday will move to Saturday championship round.


5.  On Championship Saturday, there will be tournament marshals on each boat. All fish will be weighed, accumulated and released except for big fish, which can be culled throughout the tournament hours. (Big fish will not be weighed and added to total until end of tournament at stage scale)


6.  Only 1 big fish will be brought to stage scales.


7.  Champion will be determined by total accumulative weight of all fish (NO LIMIT) caught from Saturday.  All weight totals will be kept by each marshal (not shared publicly) until stage appearance.


8.  There will be big fish awards given for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


9.  There will be 2 mobile camera boats and an emcee that will coordinate with marshals throughout the day for live footage. Recorded footage from marshals throughout the day will also be posted in live updates.

10. Registration will open August 2, 2021 for the Classic. Registration fee is $400 per team.

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