U.S. State Natural Resource Committees

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State Links
Alabama House Agriculture and Forestry Committee
Alaska Alaska State Legislature - House Fisheries
Arizona Arizona Committee Overview - Bill Status Inquiry
Arkansas Arkansas State Legislature - House Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resources Subcommittee
California California State Assenbly - Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife
Colorado Colorado General Assembly - Energy & Environment
Connecticut Connecticut General Assembly - Environment Committee
Delaware Delaware General Assembly - House Natural Resources
Florida Florida Senate - Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Georgia Georgia State Senate - Senate Natural Resources and the Environment
Hawaii Hawaii State Legislature - House Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection
Idaho Idaho Legislature - Resources & Conservation
Illinois Illinois General Assembly - Agriculture & Conservation Committee
Indiana Indiana General Assembly - Environmental Affairs
Iowa The Iowa Legislature - Committees & Schedules - Natural Resources
Kansas Kansas Legislature - Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
Kentucky Kentuck General Assembly - House Standing Committee on Tourism & Outdoor Recreation
Louisiana Lousiana House of Representatives - House Natural Resources and Environment
Maine Maine Legislature - Committee On Environment and Natural Resources
Maryland Maryland Legislature - Environment Subcommittee
Massachusetts Massachusetts Legislature - Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture
Michigan Michigan House of Representatives - Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation
Minnesota Minnesota Legislature - Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division
Mississippi Mississippi Legislature - House of Representatives Committee Listing
Missouri Missouri Legislature - Environment and Natural Resources
Montana Montana - House of Representatives - Committees (PDF)
Nebraska Nebraska Legislature - Natural Resources Committee
Nevada Nevada State Assembly - Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining
New Hampshire The New Hampshire House of Representatives - Fish and Game and Marine Resources
New Jersey New Jersey - Senate Budget and Appropriations
New Mexico New Mexico Legislature - House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
New York New York Assembly - Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation
North Carolina North Carolina General Assembly - Wildlife Resources House Standing Committee
North Dakota North Dakota - Game And Fish Advisory Board
Ohio Ohio Legislature - Natural Resources Committee
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Legislature - Wildlife Committee
Oregon Oregon State Legislature - House Interim Committee On Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania House of Representatives - Game & Fisheries
Rhode Island State of Rhode Island General Assembly - House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
South Carolina South Carolina Legislature - House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee
South Dakota South Dakota Legislature - House Agriculture and Natural Resources
Tennessee Tennessee General Assembly - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Texas Texas Legislature - House Committee on Natural Resources
Utah Utah State Legislature - Natural Resources Committee
Vermont Vermont State Legislature - Natural Resources Committee
Virginia Virginia General Assembly - Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources - Natural Resources Subcommittee
Washington Washington State Legislature - House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee
West Virginia West Virginia Legislature - House of Delegates Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature - Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Wyoming No information