ACA CATFISH CHALLENGE "Guess The Winning Weight" Entry

The American Catfishing Association is always trying to advance the awareness of the great sport of catfishing.  The ACA Catfish Challenge is one way we hope to elevate the sport and encourage others that enjoy the sport of fishing that catfishing is one of the most enjoyable segments.

We appreciate you joining our live broadcast of the ACA Catfish Challenge. To show our appreciation, we want to give you a chance to win some great prizes from many of the great sponsors that support the ACA and the catfishing community.

To enter, you must fully complete the below form with valid and current information.  Incomplete forms or entires containing invalid information will be disqualified. All entries must be submitted no later than 11am/10am CT on the day of the challenge to be valid.

The entry that guesses the closest winning weight without going over wins! In the event of a tie, an ACA official will flip a coin to dertermine the winner.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  Only 1 entry per person.  All entries are dated and time stamped.

ACA CATFISH CHALLENGE "Guess The Winning Weight"