ACA Committee Opportunities

The ACA is being created to advance the sport of catfishing through a variety of efforts. These efforts can only be enhanced by the involvement of those with a passion, desire and willing dedication to advance the many objectives for the betterment of the sport through conservation, unification, education, membership, and alliances.

The ACA invites everyone to review the various committee opportunities and consider being part of what can surely become something substantial and special.

How To Sign Up

Review the committee opportunities below and then complete the committee application form. If you have suggestions and/or comments, please include them with your application. Remember, the ACA is designed for the betterment of the sport of catfishing and the enjoyment of its membership. Only together, through non-judgmental cooperation and commitment can we cause a positive result.

Sign up for an ACA Committee

If you would like to be considered for an ACA committee, complete our committee application form to get started.

ACA Committee Formats

Depending on the committee, there will be a need to limit the number seats on certain committees while others will be open to all those wishing to participate.  Selection and appointment to most committees will be initially reviewed and approved by the ACA Advisory Council and when appropriate outside consultants.

Once committee members have been appointed, they together will be asked to recommend a committee chairperson. Again, initially, each chairperson will need to be approved by the Advisory Council simple to ensure the recommended  committee chair has the ability, commitment and dedication to administer any one committee for the advancement of the sport, the ACA membership and concerted efforts and objectives.

ACA Committees & Subcommittees

ACA Committee & Subcommittee Descriptions


Conservation & Regulation Committee


Professional & Legal Advisory Committee & Subcommittees


Tournament Alliance Committee



Education & Public Seminars Committee & Subcommittees


Marketing and Promotions Committee & Subcommittees


Scholarship & Charitable Foundation Committee


Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee & Subcommittees