Special Fundraising Events

The growth of the American Catfishing Association is predicated on membership growth, renewals, and important member willingness to be part of raising the necessary resources to affect change and provide important community assistance.

The ACA has a number of objectives and pursuits. These important conservation and community endeavors include the following:

ACA Conservation Foundation

As a priority objective, ACA Conservation Foundation has been created to gather vital information for the sole purpose of encouraging effective conservation disciplines, stimulate regulation policy reforms, and educate the populous about the species and the sport of catfishing.

ACA Conservation Committee


Kid Cat Club

To ensure the growth and stability for the future of the sport of catfishing, the ACA has established an outreach program designed specifically designed to encourage and attract young anglers to the sport of recreational fishing, conservation responsibility, sportsmanship and community fellowship.

ACA Youth Programs Committee


ACA Political Action and Government Relations Committee

To affect reform, strategic political partnerships and influencing remains a vital necessity. The ACA PAC is designed to assist the objectives of the sport of catfishing and on behalf of our membership through legislative lobbying, government partnerships and targeted political contributions.

ACA Political Action and Government Relations Committee


ACA Scholarship and Charities Foundation Committee

The heart and soul of the ACA and its generous membership is the tremendous fellowship and sense of community responsibility. ACA Charities has been created with the single purpose to give back. ACA Charities is in place to lend a helping hand, support education with award scholarships, and recognize and honor our veterans. Overall, to make the lives of others in need a whole lot better.

ACA Scholarship and Charities Foundation Committee


The importance of financial resourcing

With so many objectives and responsibilities in place, the importance of financial resourcing to support these efforts must remain a priority for us all. 

We encourage your generosity of time and monies. Donate whatever you can, whenever you can, and consider being part of one of the ACA’s vital committees. 

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