Registration for Possum Kingdom Tournament

How to Register

Review the registration list below to see if your team has already been registered. If your team is NOT listed, click on "Register a New Team" and fill out the registration form.

NOTE: If you are an ACA member or plan to be, you MUST use the exact same name (Michael J Smith Jr. vs Mike Smith) and the exact email address you used or plan to use for your ACA membership. If you fail to use the same name and email address, your points and awards may not be properly recorded.

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Currently Registered Teams

NameCaptainMateReg. Number
Xtreme Trophy Fishing
Milton Nieto17
Wiskers Up
Clint Clover37
Wish You Were Here
Stacy Alls54
Wild Country Cats
Eric Ramsey64
Wearin Em Out
Zach Clay29
Johnathan Watts16
Wards Catfish
Johnny Ward4
Troy Armstrong
Troy Armstrong51
Triple J Catfishing
Jerry Dillard2
Tri-State Lunkers
Josh Pals63
Toy Shop
Michael Reed48
Top Cats
Ernie Doka Jr60
Wendall Vaughn58
The Mud Cats
Duron Williams80
Team Ranft
Tj Ranft8
Team Larance
Jerry Larance76
Team Kegin
Kevin Kegin15
Team Gp
Bryan Page71
Rod Sullivan13
Stringer Guide Service
Blake Stringer10
Coia Sneed34
Slick Kitty Slayers
Trevor Wheat31
Shad Nasty
Joey Moon19
Rummels Guide Service
Nolan Rummel56
Steve Osgood42
Roger Pinchback
Roger Pinchback69
Jacob Gibson73
Robert Bailey77
R & D
Robert McDaniel45
Pk Services
Cody Harper43
Brandon Pendergraft55
Ntx Fatcats
Al St. Cyr22
Mounger and Clark
Jered Mounger75
Mega Cat
Mick Petree11
Jason Magouirk30
Lucky B’s
Greg Burnett44
Lamar Evans & Gunner Parish
Lamar Evans24
Krazy Fins Guide Service
Kris Sisk39
Kevin Parks / Ryan Gnagy
Kevin Parks23
Kennith Holmes, Brandi Holmes & Drake Holmes
Kennith Holmes57
Matt Weathers33
Just 1 More
Brendon Hickman65
Jonesin For Blues
Steve Jones79
Jimmy Heath
Jimmy Heath14
J-M Catfishin
Johnny Mangum9
Horton Outdoors
Danny Horton53
Hillbilly Hookers
Brandon Johnson62
Heroes Outdoor Therapy
Jason Spud Barton40
Here Kitty Kitty
Shay McDonald18
Dean Heffner32
Justin Powell
Harper Guide Service
Bob Harper 38
Harold Davis
Harold Davis67
Hard Headed
Brad Childress1
H.o.t Fishing
Frankie Brown6
Get Bent Catfishing Graham TX
Monty Bond47
Cody Cosper68
Family Style
Randy Wood61
Dtf Outdoors 2
Jerry Allen66
Dirty Drifters
Nixon Wylie26
Dee Barton
Dee Barton50
Dan Ongley
Dan Ongley74
Rick Hamon5
Cowtown Catfishing
Devin Hogan7
Code Blue Fishing
Louis Parker46
Circle Jerks
Wes Mitchel41
Chasing T&a
James A Tucker28
Central Kansas Cats
Mike Davis27
Dusty Tholl52
Casey Lowman
Mickey Casey35
Greg Callaway12
Sky Brock20
Brazos Drifters
Will Johnson78
Jimmy W. Lane59
Bill & Cody's Excellent Adventure
Cody Forshee21
Roy Ewing36
Chris Baldwin3
Bait Catchers
Michael Gordon25
Paul Cypher Jr.49
5m Fishing
Chris Menasco72