Registration for Caruthersville Tournament

How to Register

Review the registration list below to see if your team has already been registered. If your team is NOT listed, click on "Register a New Team" and fill out the registration form.

NOTE: If you are an ACA member or plan to be, you MUST use the exact same name (Michael J Smith Jr. vs Mike Smith) and the exact email address you used or plan to use for your ACA membership. If you fail to use the same name and email address, your points and awards may not be properly recorded.

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Currently Registered Teams

NameCaptainMateReg. Number
Yellow Cat Bandits
Nicholis McCord0
Twisted Cat Outdoors
Alex Nagy0
Team Spongebob
Larry Muse0
Team Slapacat
Jason Oliver0
Team Mhr
Joseph Scott Junior0
Team Kegin
Kevin Kegin0
Team Indy
Casey Tutorow0
Team Fountain
Lonnie Fountain0
Team Dewitt
Les Thompson Jr0
Team Box
Brad Box0
Stringer Guide Service
Joe Stringer0
Stl Catfishing
Jason Schneiderhahn0
Second Hand Lines
Tommy McMahon0
Scott Cress, Carl Crone
Scott Cress0
Sam Brooks & John Raines
Sam Brooks0
Ryan Lawrence and Mark Blauvelt
Ryan Lawrence0
Roy Harkness, Don Sweat
Roy Harkness0
Ronnie Strickland & Mike Parhan
Ronnie Strickland0
Rob Benningfield & Rick Eiselt
Rob Benningfield0
R&r Monster Cats
Robert Heathcock III0
Pat Cave & Kaleb McAdams
Pat Cave0
Nautical Pride Sport Fishing
Adam Cook0
Mega Cat
Mick Petree0
Lutke and Pellegrino
Lance Lutke0
John Jamison0
Justin Thornton & Duane Buckridge
Justin Thornton0
Justin Borgfield
Justin Borgfield0
Jones Long
Hunter Jones0
Joel Roberts & Justin Claar
Joel Roberts0
Joe Hardy & Barry Wilson
Joe Hardy0
Jason Masingale & Daryl Masingale
Jason Masingale0
Jason Aycock
Jason Aycock0
James Field
James Field0
Jason Hamilton0
J-M Catfishin
Johnny Mangum0
Hooked Catfish
Brandon Ischar0
Andy Higgerson0
Justin Powell0
Hance White
Charles Hance0
Josh Hammelman0
Get Bent Catfishing Graham TX
Monty Bond0
George Young
George Young0
Dustin Shepard
Dustin Shepard0
Dodd & Warden
Jeff Dodd0
Mike Davis0
Justin Cook0
Rob Clodfelder0
Chris Peyton, Jonathan Wilson & Mike Conrad
Chris Peyton0
Chris Howard
Chris Howard0
Chasing Cats
Scott Linton0
Cedric Poynor
Cedric Poynor0
Dusty Tholl0
Catn' Around
Ray Ferguson0
Catfish Whisperer
Jamie Bardsley0
Cat Sweepers
Jeff Helm0
Cat River Anchors
John Orr0
Carl Morris & Rob Parsons
Carl Morris0
Jimmy Burton0
Buckeye Nuts
Steve Wilson0
Briar Hoffman & Brad Monnig
Briar Hoffman0
Bradley Mancell & Tommy Ross
Bradley Mancell0
Bill & Cody's Excellent Adventure
Cody Forshee0
Berglund, Henney, & Hoverson
John Hoverson0
Chris Baldwin0
Paul Cypher Jr.0
Andy Needham & Tye Needham
Andy Needham0
Allen Houston & Will Tate
Allen Houston0
Joe Bell0