Milford Lake Tournament Rules


Each team must sign and acknowledge.

Milford Lake

125 max boat tournament

1. Good sportsmanship is expected of all individuals during the tournament. Any disorderly conduct will be ample reason for disqualification. Any violation will result in automatic disqualification.

2. All-State and Federal rules will be observed.

3. Check-In and late registration will be from 5:00-7:00 PM October 21st at Acorn Resort Conference Center. Captains meeting will be held after registration is over.

4. One participant from each team MUST be present for the mandatory captains meeting. If fishing by yourself then you must be present. No exceptions.

5. A maximum of 3 people allowed on the boat. No age limits.

6. This is a two-day tournament, a winner will be decided by total weight from both days.

7. Tournament Hours will be announced before the tournament begins.

8. Teams may use any public ramp. Time to enter tournament waters will be announced before the tournament begins.

9. Fish may only be caught by Rod and Reel method. No Trotlines, Limb Lines, Hoop nets or noodles will be allowed.

10. This is a 5 fish limit tournament with 25”-40” slot, no more than 2 fish over 40” allowed with 2 anglers in the boat.

11. Weighing in a dead fish will result in DISQUALIFICATION.

12. A livewell is REQUIRED. Livewells must be 1 - 50 gallon single tank or 2 - 40 gallon tanks minimum capable of fresh water recirculation. Pure oxygen systems encouraged.  The tournament director will have the final call on all livewells. If the director believes a team’s livewell is inadequate he reserves the right to remove the team from the tournament. If you have any questions about your livewell please contact the tournament direct before the tournament.

13. There will be no limit on how many rods can be in the boat however only 6 rods will be allowed in the water at any given time with correct permit from state of Kansas.

14. Only 2 hooks per line allowed.

15. No snagging will be allowed.

16. No foul hooked fish will be accepted.

17. No chumming.

18. No fishing intentionally or known baited holes.

19. Any LEGAL commercial or natural bait may be used .

20. All tournament boats must maintain a distance of 50 yards between each other while anchored and 50 feet while drifting. This includes all boats.

21. No buddy fishing.

22. No fishing outside of the boat.

23. No alcoholic beverages allowed during tournament hours.

24. Any team having a member who fails or refuses to take a polygraph test or whose condition does not permit administration of a test because of contestant’s use of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified.

25. Ties will be determined by team’s biggest fish. If the tie still exists the tournament director will decide with a coin flip. The team that traveled the furthest will get to call it in the air!!

26. Any protests must be made before the end of the weigh in.

27. This is a catch and release tournament. All fish become property of The CatMasters after they are weighed.

28. All fishermen are subject to a polygraph exam.

Rules subject to change.


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